Category: Repentance

Praying for Transformation 12/18

When your strength is running low and your heart is weary, when you’re overwhelmed by circumstances, or the list of to do’s, the people to see, the time needed to just rest, we recognize our finite state, our neediness more. We wonder what it will take to ease the stress, anxiety, fears, but it’s honestly more »

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From Stumbling to Standing

Have you ever had doubts about whether or not you measure up to God’s standard? Now, I’m not talking about salvation. As far as that goes, you are as acceptable to God as you will ever be because of the gospel of our Lord Jesus. No, the question I am asking is, have you ever, more »

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Identity Crisis: Shame, Hope, and the Gospel

Last week, I talked about some of my struggles that I had in life. I was insecure and my insecurity was masked by an identity founded on popularity. I wanted others to think highly of me according to the world’s standards. Well, I am reminded that the “sand foundation” of popularity is quickly washed away more »

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