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Question: Do you have Curriculum that teaches Character Development?

Answer: When I am in our booth at Homeschool conventions, this is the question I receive most from parents I meet.  Until recently, my answer to them has always been “no I’m sorry we do not.”  After one of the conventions, earlier this summer, I began to think about how I would teach character to my children.  Well, God being our loving Father had me right where He wanted me.

In preparation for a class I’m teaching this fall, I have been working through the Precept Upon Precept study of Matthew chapters 1 -13 – The King and His Kingdom. At Precept Ministries, we’ll spend the fall semester taking middle and high school students through this study.  As I worked through the opening chapters of Matthew I saw God’s picture of true righteousness.  It stands in such a contrast to man’s superficial, external attempt at righteousness. I have seen that God’s true righteousness is a vital, internal righteousness that begins at the heart level. It is in the heart that true character is formed through the work of the Holy Spirit and out of which flows our actions. These actions are not based on a list of do’s and don’ts but out of a conduct rooted in love for our Heavenly Father which flows out of true righteousness from within.

When asked this question in the future, I can share good news… Yes, indeed, we do have character curriculum, it is the instruction in righteousness that we receive anytime we open God’s word and allow the Holy Spirit to teach us His commands, precepts and ways. Then we allow the things that we learn to transform our hearts and our actions.

Please pray for our classes this fall on the campus of Precept Ministries.  Please pray that students and leaders alike will see what true righteousness is and how that leads to Godly character and conduct.

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Thesa Morgan serves as Precept Ministries International’s
Curriculum Representative and Student Ministries Registrar.


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