Boot Camp 1, Day 1 – 2011 edition!

The students are arriving from all over the country right now! Our staff preparations are complete and away we go! I’m excited about the potential on this staff, and I think they’re going to set a great tone for the week. It goes without saying that their leadership is vital to the camp!

The students have written applications with their testimonies, reccomendations, and acts of service, but many times their struggles go unsaid. As a matter of fact, the secret of many students (actually it’s not just students at all) is that they are intensley private with their hurts and struggles. Many of these young men and women will show up here with a good spiritual face on, but below the surface are many issues that they are unwilling or afraid to share.

We’ll adress these issues through the words of Paul in Romans 7 and leave them with the exhortation to put on the Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 13:14) as they seek to feed the Spirit and fight the flesh. The phrase to “put on” is one that will grow to mean more to them over the course of the next week as they explore covenant and what it truly means to clothe oneself with Christ!

Please pray that the Spirit would intercede on behalf of the students, that our leadership would be capable and true, that we would experience genuine Christian fellowship throughout the entire camp, and that God would work powerfully!

Earnestly desiring your prayers,


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