DAY 1 – CAMP 1: Waiting for God to Move


The last three days we have talked about sanctification, and what it means to be patient and persevere while God is transforming us. We have felt that this is so important in the final days leading up to EQUIP Boot Camp.

If left on our own, our heart will make a list of its own selfish hopes and expectations (we even have a blog about that too, if you haven’t seen it already). But God’s Word can encourage us to stop and trust Him above all else!

To recap, we’ve focussed on:
— how heart work takes time
— how heart work is uncomfortable
— how heart work is ultimately God’s work

Today EQUIP Boot Camp 1 is finally HERE!!! We want to encourage you in one last thing, as you’re finishing your travels and arrive here to be with us:

Philippians 2:12-13

Take five or ten minutes reading through, praying through, and meditating on this passage. Take it slow, thinking about each statement. Sometimes that’s enough. Sometimes questions help us to do the same thing (read, pray, meditate, slow down, and think clearer); so we’ve provided some questions below, in case they help you:

— what were the Philippians doing in verse 12?
— what was Paul encouraging them to do?
— how were they supposed to do that (in their own strength, or from mustering up their own will)?
— just to be super clear, who does the work?
— how does God work in us (see the end of verse 13)?

Takeaway: Heart work requires your effort. No, we’re not contradicting the previous point (or Scripture) that it is God who works in us. Yes, we did just say that you cannot make heart change happen; that only God produces it. But heart work requires making the effort of putting ourselves in the right place for it to occur. It requires our effort to continually seek His face. It requires our effort to keep holding our hearts out to be revived, remolded, and reshaped by Him.

Excited, thankful, praying,
The Transform Team

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