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Carlotta, Brooke, and Ryan

For the past 5 months, life in the Transform Student Ministries office has been one of much transition. If you didn’t see our announcement in December about the new stuff God has been up to with Ritchie Johnson, his family, and Transform check out this blog here.

Since Ritchie’s departure in late December, the Lord has been at work and is shaping and molding our ministry! He has been giving us vision and direction. He’s been faithful to show us again and again that He is in charge and He is guiding us! In the midst of all this transition we’ve been asking the Lord to show us what He wants to do with our team. Who does He want to take the reins of leadership? Where does he want us to go from here?

God has made it clear in many ways that the team He will use to take Transform into the next stage of ministry is the team He had already put together back in December. Brooke Ritterbush after serving 9 years as Transform’s Coordinator, has stepped up into the role of Director. Ryan Thomason who came on staff full-time in August of 2012 will continue as the Discipleship Process Coordinator. And the newest member of the team, Carlotta Gillespie will keep the ball rolling as the Special Programs Coordinator. Collectively, our team has over 36 years of inductive bible study experience and 30 years of experience with Transform Student Ministries. In a lot of ways, we’ve grown up in this ministry and can each say that the Lord has used the leadership of former Student Ministries Directors David and BJ Lawson and Ritchie Johnson to shape and mold us…to prepare us for such a time as this!

    David and BJ Lawson 


Ritchie Johnson


Our team believes whole heartedly in the mission and vision of Precept Ministries International and will do what we can to establish students in God’s Word. We want to see them living as exemplary followers of Jesus Christ, studying the Bible inductively, viewing the world biblically, and making disciples intentionally, serving the church faithfully, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We covet your prayers as we continue to grow as a team and seek the Lord’s direction and leadership for our ministry! There is much to do as we head into a busy summer with an Intern Program, Boot Camps and Foundations Camp. Please pray that we will keep our eyes and heart focused on Him and that we will only move where He leads. We don’t want to run ahead of Him, or sit back in fear…we want to be right in the center of where He is leading and guiding our team and this ministry.

We’re looking forward to connecting with some of you this summer and possibly in December at the Transform Student Conference! We also have a few new things up our sleeve that we’ll let you know about in the fall, so stay tuned! 


Brooke Ritterbush
Director of Transform Student Ministries

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