ENGAGE Internship 2020

ENGAGE Internship exists to train college-age students and young adults to engage in God’s Word through the Precept Bible Study method. Our goal is for interns to return home and to build discipleship relationships with others that are centered on God’s Word. Our summer internship reaches this goal by providing interns with practical training aimed at transformational discipleship while living in community with others.

In a span of 10 weeks, interns gain experience in the inductive study method using different Precept materials including, but not limited to:

  • • 40 Minute Studies
       These focused, self-contained studies guide you into God’s Word one topic at a time, 6 weeks at a time, with no homework.
  • • New Inductive Study Series
       These studies give a big picture perspective of a book of the Bible with only 15 minutes of homework a day.
  • • Precept Upon Precept
       In-depth inductive studies—understand the whole counsel of God chapter by chapter, verse by verse.
  • • In & Out Series
       In-depth inductive studies, similar to Precept Upon Precept, but more streamlined with less time commitment.
  • • LORD Series
       Topical Bible studies straight from God’s Word. Easy to follow study format.
  • • D4Y Series
       Hands-on, exciting books for kids that teach basic Bible study skills for a lifetime of learning!

Along with these Precept materials, interns read and engage in discussion about discipleship, biblical community, and small group leadership. They will also have the option of connecting with a department other than Transform Student Ministries to see how their functions support Precept Ministries International as a whole and are used for the kingdom of God.


During these 10 weeks, interns will encounter time for reflection, living life in biblical community/fellowship, and a time to delight in the study and application of God’s Word. In addition to these experiences, interns will be challenged by God’s Word and encouraged to grow deeper in their walk with the Lord and others. Each will return home with a greater confidence in their obedience to Christ, eager to serve the Church and desire to make an impact on others for the glory of God’s kingdom. Once interns return home, we commit to resource them to serve their churches faithfully and make disciples intentionally in the power of the Holy Spirit.


  • • At least 20 years old (Applicants must have graduated from high school in Spring of 2018 or before)
  • • Active in a local church
  • • Active in personal or corporate Bible study (preferably but not limited to Inductive Bible Studies)
  • • Interested in serving and leading students (preferably already expressing this interest through involvement in some type of ministry)
  • • Willing and able to be an example in their Christian walk


May 18, 2020-July 25, 2020
Application Deadline: January 5, 2020


We ask that interns raise $4,000 in support much like a mission trip. This process gives others a chance to invest in their life and in God’s kingdom. We will come alongside each intern and provide a personal online giving page as well as other advice, ideas, and tips.

The $4,000 interns raise covers the cost of lodging, study materials, meals and their pay.


Interns will receive $2000 stipend for their work at our summer camps and for the internship.