EQUIP Boot Camp 1 (DAY 1)


“Hustle and bustle” is usually used to describe crowds during Christmas, but that’s exactly what registration time for EQUIP Boot Camp feels like to us who have the privilege to staff! We’ve seen God give amazing gifts of life and hope through His Word before, and it’s always such an exciting time to love on the campers and families who entrust a week of their summer to study Scripture with us.

Everyone gets to campus a little differently depending on where they’re coming from. Airplanes. Cars. Trains. Shuttles. Private Cessna. But whether the students fly alone or come with their own crowd of family, we love getting to greet them all, answer questions, and start the connections. Because we know that by the end of the week no one will want it to be over, and the sooner we can communicate that we genuinely care the longer we get to have “real talk” together as a camp!

After registration, everyone gathered on the field by teams so that:
— our beloved Mark Rykse could pray us in for dinner
— teams could meet for the first time
— teams could go through the dinner line together for their first camp-family meal

Once dinner (the first of many scrumptious meals cooked on site by our own caring and intentional Mark Holland) was finished, the very first main session started off with a viewing of our sweet camp photographer’s video… We won’t spoil anything but we *will* say that the team mascots are superb.

Carlotta was the main session speaker, and her topic was simple but difficult: what the Word of God is for in our lives. She walked us through multiple old and new testament passages, to illustrate that the Word of God is alive as the living breath of God breathed out, so that we might know and believe Him. Truly, so that we might move and have our being in Him; because the Bible is not a book about us but rather a book about God. Carlotta challenged everyone to shift their thinking about the Bible study away from “God, what do you want to show ME?” to “God, what do you want to show me about YOURSELF?”

Because that’s the whole reason why we’re even here this week: to know Him and to allow Him to transform us so that we walk differently, so that we love differently. Yes, EQUIP Boot Camp is meant to teach students how to study the Word; but if we miss application of the Word, then we have missed the most important part of encountering God Himself, our hope and life.

We’re so excited for all that this week will hold, in His grace, and know that He will accomplish great things that we cannot even imagine! Please pray for the campers’ hearts today. We will be walking through our first classroom time of three hours doing an overview of the book of Ephesians. Pray for the students’ patience, and perseverance, but most importantly for the Holy Spirit to provide a focus on the Lord and to lay a foundation of understanding for the rest of the week.

Thankful and expectant,
The Transform Team

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