EQUIP Boot Camp 1 (Day 2) 

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The first full day of camp was such a blessing to us! The campers have brought with them such willing and open spirits for what we’re doing here this week. We have been amazed at how loudly they’re already singing, and how much they talked and responded in the very first classroom time. That’s not just the campers, though! We know that this gift is a direct result of the prayers of many members in the body of Christ, so thank you for partnering with us as we serve and love these students.

While the sports time was beautiful (staff won in the camper vs. counselor prison ball games during free time), and the camp nurses have been pretty bored (a good problem to have!), the part of the schedule we want to focus in on for you is the mini-main session.

This has become one of the most pivotal elements of the camp schedule in the past few years. It’s the place where we all gather right after breakfast to prepare our hearts for the day. Directly following that time, the camp disperses into its classrooms for a 3 hr. study session in Ephesians together.

For anyone, it takes some preparation to jump into that much Bible study at 9-something in the morning; but it’s such a blessing every time to see the way God meets us in that space of need. The structure may look a little bit different from day to day, but the goal of the mini-main sessions are always the same: to become still, to lift our eyes from whatever it has been thinking on to the Lifter of our head.

Sometimes this looks like guiding the students through some personal study in a Psalm, worshipping reflectively (or energetically!), and a message of encouragement or challenge from one of our leaders. Other times it includes declaring truths out loud to remind us of who our God is, or just silent prayer.

It’s a sweet time. Sweeter than you might think possible at 8:35am on a summer day.

Since you can’t, we’ll take a word from Ephesians 5:18-22 and share a handful of our favorite song lyrics with you from what we’ve sung, and worshipped together already.

— “You’re a good, good Father / It’s who You are / … and I am loved by You / It’s who I am”

— “Open up the gates! Make way before the King of kings, / our God who comes to save, is here to set the captives free; / for who can stop the Lord Almighty?”

— “Come, and see what God has done. See what God has done for every daughter and every son.”

— “And when I think, that God His Son not sparing, / sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in / that on the cross, my burden gladly bearing / He bled and died to take away my sin”

— “Constant Word, endless is Your love / like a river can’t be stopped You’re faithful / Constant Word, who is like You God? / Your mercy’s like the sun: always rising over us”

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to continue teaching us through the Word, for the students’ patience and hope as we start digging deeper into chapter studies in Ephesians, and for unity in the body as campers and staff continue getting to know each other. Today the students will be focussing on what it means to be IN Christ; so please pray that the Lord’s will is done and that His kindness meets each of them where they are at with His truth, conviction, calling, and hope.

Thankfully, in His grace,
The Transform Team

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Your Comments: What a blessing to hear the results of the prayers I have prayed for this camp. Thank you for giving me more specific things to pray for.

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