EQUIP Boot Camp 1 (DAY 4)


There’s just so much to share, so we’re going to just jump right in! The chapter study in Ephesians 2 was tough, long, and heavy; but the Lord is definitely moving and we are so inexplicably thankful for your prayers. Because we see Him working in the campers’ hearts, and in our own.

The students are wrestling through difficult topics and concepts left and right, and there are some moments that the staff just have to continue laboring with purpose and praying. It doesn’t really matter if it feels like we’re fighting the clock, or that camp is going way too fast to fit everything in. But God is the One who reveals the deep and hidden things (Daniel 2:22), and we are blessed to be here pointing them back to Him time and again. Because there is never anything more advanced than that.

In the wake of all that the classroom time stirs up, both the praises and the challenges, we thought it might be encouraging for you to hear about evening Main Sessions.

See, Precept doesn’t just write a script before camp of the main session messages and stick to it. That would save us a lot of time and energy, but we don’t think that is good stewardship of the ministry that God has entrusted to us.

Instead, we prayerfully map out a list of key topics that correlate to the Scriptures being studied on each day of camp. From there, the speakers continue studying and preparing, all the while knowing that the needs of the students may completely change the direction of their message. Each afternoon of camp, the teachers meet together to discuss how their classroom time was, what concepts the students are understanding or struggling with, brainstorm ideas to help one another, share prayer requests, and pray for the camp.

Yesterday, on Day 4 of camp the teachers were all in agreement that we didn’t need to do anything that would get in the way of the students wrestling with Scripture. As Kay Arthur said in our meeting, we don’t need to get in the way by “giving the campers relief” while the Lord is working on their heart personally.

So last night, Kay preached the Word powerfully from Ephesians 1-2 using illustrations to show what happens to persons when they enter into the grace of God through the gift of His saving faith. Earlier in the week, she asked each student to write down a few different things including:

— top five fears
— how would they describe their walk with God
— how much time they spend on social media
— how much time they spend in the Scriptures

Since they were collected, Kay read every single students’ paper and prayed for them personally. The students were incredibly attentive to all she was saying about what people are and have outside of Christ, contrasted to what we have in Christ. It was a somber, and sweet time; and the camp was churning afterwards with contemplation and conversations.

Please pray. Campers are in their classrooms right now studying Ephesians chapter 3 and looking at the “mystery of Christ.” We ask, with Paul in verses 16-19 that

— they would see the riches of God’s glory
— God would grant to them to be strengthened with power through His spirit
— Christ may dwell in their hearts through faith
— they would be rooted and grounded in love
— they would be able to comprehend the breadth, length, height and depth
— they would know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge

Trusting Him who is able to do far more abundantly,
The Transform Team

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