Today was Wild Card day here at EQUIP Boot Camp. That means that for sports time teams were selected to compete against a random team at a random sport! But it’s more than just the sports and “Miss Kay” bringing home the Word that makes camp wild today. We have a lot to accomplish in the next three days! We have been studying creation, but everything is about to change because we have finally made it to Genesis 3! Students began looking at what scripture says about sin and death entering the Garden of Eden.

            When we tell people about EQUIP Boot Camp, they are often shocked that our students spend so much time doing Inductive Bible Study. “You’re spending eight days studying three chapters of the Bible?” they might ask. We respond, “Yes! And they get so much out of these three chapters and go home wanting to study even more!” Our prayer is that students will leave camp with the confidence to share what they learned with others or have the opportunity to introduce them to this way of studying the Word that leads to knowing God deeper. During EQUIP training, we supply students with several tools such as 40-Minute Studies, and Transform Discipleship Resources that help them accomplish that.

            Owning a faith that is established in God’s Word is the only way that we will be able to face the consequences of sin and death in the world. Some of our campers will face real life issues when they go home. We encourage them not to lose hope as we study about sin, death, the enemy and the beautiful redemption that is coming (and has come for those in Christ Jesus)! Everything is about to change.


Pray that God will bring campers into a greater understanding of sin and its consequences and that they will be moved to true repentance.

Pray that they would stay engaged in study and not check out these last few days.

Pray for our staff to have divine wisdom and discernment while engaging with campers who are wrestling with tough issues.


Thank you for joining us in prayer for all who are attending EQUIP Boot Camp. Click here to view Camp 1 photos on our Facebook page!

In Him,

The Transform Team

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