IN THE BEGINNING…Staff and students arrived to the campus of Precept Ministries International. The dorm rooms were empty and void; anticipation hovered over the surface of the little valley here in Chattanooga, Tennessee…


            While camp is not the beginning that we will be studying this summer, we will be studying “The Beginning” in Genesis 1-3. For many students their first EQUIP Boot Camp experience is, in many ways, a new beginning. It might be the beginning of a renewed purpose or direction in their life. Camp can be the beginning of a genuine relationship with God, for some even the beginning of life-long friendships. For others, it is the beginning of a lifestyle of abiding in the Word of God!

            For the past few days, the EQUIP Boot Camp staff has been preparing for the arrival of students by focusing on our mission and individual responsibilities, discussing the camp study and finalizing last minute details. This isn’t to say that staff orientation has been all work and no play. We have shared plenty of laughs and meals together, reminisced our days when we were campers, played get-to-know-you games, ate ice cream and created team mascots along with filming fun videos!

            The essence of staff orientation echoes the same heart cry as the rest of Transform Student Ministries—being grounded in prayer, the ultimate goal of this ministry is establishing students in God’s Word. Each year, our team prayerfully chooses the camp topic, as well as selecting the staff, coordinating the speakers, placing everyone in housing, compiling and editing the study that will be used for the summer, contacting camp participants, and so much more!

            But surely all of this investment isn’t only for a temporal, earthly profit. Anyone who has had his or her life impacted by this ministry knows that we are involved for an eternal purpose, and all the effort is more than worth it. 

            Still, how can you measure a successful week of camp? We can make goals and even have expectations, and detailed plans to execute them, but is that enough? During staff orientation, we reminded the staff our prayer is for students to:

  1. Know a way to study God’s Word
  2. Have a deeper Desire for God’s Word
  3. Apply God’s Word in their life

            Knowing how to study God’s Word inductively is a measurable skill that we attempt to equip every student with at camp. But what about a desire for the Word? How can you measure application, the transformation of a life, which is a matter of the heart? In reality, the fruit of what we learn at camp may not even manifest for years down the road. Still, the investment is worth it, because it means that lives are changed, and it doesn’t stop when camp is over at the end of eight days. This is why we PRAY, and entrust everything to our Maker, who knows the ways and heart of man.

  So, would you join us in prayer for our staff and campers as EQUIP Boot Camp 1 begins?

  • Please pray for a willingness for all to be transformed by the living Word of God.
  • Pray for minds to be engaged and walls to be broken down as students study the Word.  
  • Please pray that God will help the campers to feel comfortable with their new teammates and staffers.
  • Pray for gospel conversation, in the classroom, during team times, meals times, and in dorm rooms in the evening.

Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer during this journey!

P.S.- Check out our Facebook page for photos and updates of camp!

In Him (with expectation),

The Transform Team

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