When camp has been going full force for seven days straight and we haven’t had contact with the outside world, it is easy to forget what day of the week it is. We know the end of camp is approaching because it is a little harder to stay awake during class time and teacher meetings. Not to mention our bellies are full of good food that Mark makes for us each meal. What we have not forgotten is that God’s work isn’t finished and will continue even after campers go home. With only 24 hours left of Week 1 of EQUIP Boot Camp, we press on because we know that God is faithful to reveal Himself in hearts when He sees fit. 

            Leaving camp can feel a bit like leaving the Garden of Eden. This week we have soaked up God’s Word. We have prayed together, cultivated community, and even enjoyed God’s creation. Camp has been a safe place to wrestle through our doubts and fears. With most of our temporal needs provided for, camp seems pretty ideal. We don’t want it to end! So how do we prepare students to go home and encounter the culture of this world and engage them with truth? How do we take what we have learned and apply it to our lives? How do we face the lies that are thrown at us? Kay talked a lot last night about how truth has been redefined as a social construction. The world doesn’t live according to God’s truth because they don’t believe that Jesus Christ is Who He said He was. In main session Kay identified the key components of the lies we see in Genesis 3:

  1. God’s Words were questioned.
  2. God’s Words were contradicted.
  3. God’s character was questioned.

She concluded that we must know God’s Word. We pray that as campers prepare to go home tomorrow that they will continue to pursue a deeper understanding of the Word and that they would take ownership of its truth. May Jesus be ever present with us and reveal Himself to us as we go. 

Please be in prayer for our students as they prepare to leave camp:

Pray that the truth of God’s Word would take roots in the hearts of the campers as they prepare to return home.

Pray that they would be truly grieved by their sin and seek the forgiveness of the cross of Christ Jesus. 

Pray that each camper would seek the face of God and make choices that will change their lives when they go home. 

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Knowing that He goes with us,

The Transform Team

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