EQUIP Boot Camp 1: ORIGIN (Day 4)

OR-I-GIN: /ˈôrəjən/ noun. 1. the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived. source. 2. ancestry. 

         In the evenings campers can be found circling up in their rooms sharing what God revealed to them in His Word that day. These talks are vital for campers because it provides a setting where they feel comfortable expressing what is in their heart. You’d be amazed at how open campers are about their struggles and questions! Our counselors relish this time because they can connect personally with each student.

         After main sessions, we have a better idea of where campers are so teachers and counselors can intentionally serve their needs the next day in class time. We get so excited when they are getting it, having those light bulb moments, especially when they are wrestling with faith questions. Each of these campers-guys and girls alike-process differently and show unique expressions of the truths God is revealing to them. Yet, God is glorified in this!

         Today campers are learning about the origin of mankind. “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created them. Male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27). This is where it gets personal. This is where we see our uniqueness from all other creatures. What is the origin of this uniqueness? And why did God call our differences ‘good’? We know it is a hot topic. Just look at the culture war on the value of life and identity. How does what the world say differ from what we will be learning in Genesis? How does knowing you are made in the image of God change the way you view yourself? Why did God create male and female? Our campers need your prayers as they wrestle with these truths and seek to apply them. Pray for us as we learn about the true origin of mankind!


  • Pray that campers would have a deeper understanding of Who God is and His relationship to mankind.

  • Pray that they would grasp the love the Father has for them and His purpose for their lives.

  • Pray they would continue to be open and honest about their struggles, and that they would allow God to work in their hearts and minds.


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In Him,

The Transform Team

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