EQUIP-Boot Camp 2 Day 2

Day 2 of camp is always a little rough. This is not because we are fighting the enemy, lack of sleep, or bad tempers. Day 2 of camp always kicks off the study with the OVERVIEW. When you read a book that has multiple chapters in it over and over and over…it…can…be…a little…tiring. I think some campers were wondering what they signed up for :). However, Day 2 usually ends in great discussion because truths are starting to become more prevalent.


Kay spoke in the main session and, let me tell you, she brought it. She let the students know what was going on with the ruling by the Supreme Court. While the sin of our nation was addressed, students were able to see how 1 John relates to our fallen world. The night ended with heavy hearts. Students discussed with each other in their rooms about what they learned throughout the day. They are looking forward to Kay speaking again.

 3 and 1

Well…first day of sports…was rained out! They got to play a little bit and we hoped that the storm would pass over us but it didn’t. It rained over night as well. Pray that today will be clear and students will be able to get the energy out that is being couped up in class.




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