EQUIP Boot Camp 2: Day 3


For all who have been praying for EQUIP Boot Camp 2, thank you so much. We’re both seeing the benefits and utter need for your prayers clearly from Day 3. The students have begun opening up already, and are wrestling hard with the truths of the Word in such an intimate way.

As we said about camp 1, one of the most pivotal times of the day is during the mini-main sessions in the morning. The battle for our hearts, and the day is addressed head-on as we give students and staff some time to corporately be alone with the Lord, the Scriptures, and also to come together to raise our voices in worship.

Our desire for these times is not just an ability to breathe, to be quiet, or freedom to be a grouch instead of pretending to be a morning person. It’s because we all need to be reminded of who God is, to rest in those truths, and to celebrate His new mercies for the day.

Until we start with the belief that God is good, nothing else makes sense.

So instead of telling you about the sweltering sports time, or Mark’s fantastic meatloaf, we’ll share some of the lyrics we’re meditating on, crying out, and encouraging each other in:

— Alone in my sorrow and dead in my sin / Lost without hope and no place to begin / Your love made a way to let mercy come in / When death was arrested and my life began

— All the hearts who are content / and all who feel unworthy / And all who hurt with nothing left / Will know that you are holy

— Jesus, break my will / Fill me up inside where no one else can fill / Jesus, show me what to do / Because Lord I need to follow You

— You plead my cause, You right my wrongs / You break my chains, You overcome / You gave Your life to give me mine / You say that I am free / How can it be?

— In the Son, You forgive You forgive / In the Son, You restore, You restore / In the Son, You redeem You redeem / In the Son!

Please pray for the Lord to continue in His grace towards us and the campers! There has been a lot of spiritual warfare already, and we as a staff are lifting our eyes to God; because our help comes from Him and nowhere else.

Pray also for the classes today, as they study chapter 2 of Ephesians in-depth. Pray that the Lord will open the eyes of our hearts to see God’s great love that made us alive with Christ! That He will give this passage freshness and nourishment to us all. Both the campers and staff need God’s gifts of faith, grace, and power to put off the old, dead life so that we can walk in the raised life of Christ!

In Him, Who is our peace,
The Transform Team

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