EQUIP-Boot Camp 2 Day 3

Wow! What a great day!

We started off the morning worshiping Jesus and taking time to prepare our hearts before we headed into class. Thankful for His Spirit which leads us daily. Pray that these mornings will be fruitful!


Students jumped into chapter studies for Day 3. They studied chapter 1 and chapter 2 of 1 John.

 2 Boys

They also got to play sports! Thank you for your prayers! The rain basically came at the end of our free time so we even got to get in a round of camper/counselor prison ball. (Counselors won, of course.)

 Sports Girls

They also had another great night with Kay during main sessions. Once again, she brought a powerful message and, once again, many discussed the message in their rooms afterwards.

 Kay and Girls

Continue to pray that hearts would be transformed by the power of God’s Word and the revelation of His Son through His Spirit. Many may be convicted of sin, some may rejoice in what they see, and some may be indifferent. However, we know that His Word does not return void. We also believe in the power of prayer. So, we continue to ask for yours. Thank you!

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