EQUIP-Boot Camp 2 Day 5

As students have headed to class at the moment, rain is pouring profusely. However, it’s not dreaded but welcomed as a great reminder of God’s majesty.

Day 5 was hard because they focused on chapter 3 of 1 John which deals with those who practice righteousness and those who practice sin. It reveals those who are children of God and those who are children of the devil. It is easy to focus on others and see how we can tell if others are children of God or not…but really we need to begin with ourselves. What does our life reveal?


In the main session, David really focused on the dangers of sin. How easily we can be consumed in it and not even realize it. It is like a lion who wants to devour us while we think it is cute and tamable. It was a heavy message and we pray that the Lord revealed in our and their hearts what we need to confess and where we have transgressed.



However, while darkness seems to be present…the light is much greater.


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