EQUIP Boot Camp 2: Day 6


To everyone who has been praying for EQUIP Boot Camp 2, thank you so much! God has been answering your prayers, and we are so thankful for your support and love to come before the Father for us.

Something definitely shifted in the atmosphere of camp. The Spirit was moving, preconceived ideas were falling like badly built walls in the Light of the Word, and hardness was softening everywhere we looked.

It certainly is not because the staff was able to do something in our own power, but because God continues to be faithful and so we imitate Him (through HIS power)!

All of the classes have gotten to a point where the students are doing at least some of the Bible study work on their own. We know that it is vital for us all to be confident (or at least courageous) to study on our own. It is our goal and desire for the inductive study method to change the way campers interact with the Word of God in practical, day-to-day, gritty ways and not just one intensive week in the summer.

Another way we have built practicality into EQUIP Boot Camp is through the EQUIP time in the evenings. We walk the students through different study tools like the Transform Discipleship Resources (TDRs – available free online) and the 40 Minute study series, so that they can go home and have a place to start, something to share with others, and a way to walk out our identity in Ephesians as imitators and children of God (Ephesians 5:1).

That sounds like a lofty goal. But we’re not blowing steam. Nor are we seeking to heap a pile of pressure on the students either.

We treat the campers like the young adults that they are – with kindness, desiring to answer their questions, address their fears, encourage them, and interject the loudness of insecurities with the sufficiency of God.

One of the most beautiful things about camp is that we’re not just doing that for the campers. We’re doing it for ourselves and one another, too. It’s a humbling thing to be vulnerable before the people we are leading. But it’s the only way to do it: with humility, and gentleness, diligent patience, and loving tolerance.

Last night, Kay delivered another powerful message that followed up a class activity that aimed at applying the concept of putting off the old self (flesh) and putting on the new (Christ).

Today we’re asking for clarity and focus for the students today as we study Ephesians 5. Again, we ask for prayer that the Lord will help us all to see the content of the chapter study within the whole context of Ephesians.

Giving thanks to Him,
The Transform Team

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