EQUIP Boot Camp 2: Day 7

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It is humbling that this week flew by so quickly. Again, we are incalculably grateful for your faithfulness to pray, and for the faithfulness of our good Father who has been at work both visibly and invisibly!

Day 7 is always p.a.c.k.e.d. Students who had a hard time staying present through the whole class at the beginning of the week were coming up to staff members and talking about how fast the classroom time went, wanting more. Fruit and insight and openness was taking place in the classrooms, the sweetness of community continued to become more and more of a reality.

He was leading our hearts deeper into care for the students, even as we focus on enjoying them for the last little bit of time. The staff continued to pray and praise God throughout the day for the breakthrough He was bringing, even more than we hoped for or expected.

Day 7 is also very packed with fun! It’s the day that the infamous camp activity takes place, and also the outdoor cookout dinner.

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During the blogs for camp 1, we explained how the sports time for camp worked this year. We left out the details about camp activity, in case some of the surprise was taken away from camp 2 campers.

But now that everyone has had the chance to experience, let’s just take a second to showcase what THE CHALLENGE of camp activity was, and what the purpose behind it is.

In the study of Ephesians, and especially having just studied chapter 5 on Day 7 of camp, the unity of believers in Christ and through the Holy Spirit and God the Father is not the easiest concept to understand. The illustration of the church being the body with Christ as the head is helpful, but it’s a little hard to process through practical applications of that when each of us have our own body and have been raised in a world that values and even demands individualism.

THE CHALLENGE consisted of twelve different tasks that had to be completed as a body (team). In addition to the tasks, the bodies (teams) had to overcome different handicaps given to them. All in all, there were six members of each body (team) who were tied to one another (2 – by the hands, 2 – by the legs, 2 – one blind, one guide). They had to travel all over the Precept campus as a body (team) also, and if they got ahead of each other too much their runners (a staff member with them) added a penalty to their final time.

Yet another aspect of blindness to THE CHALLENGE was that every member of the team signed up for an activity without knowing the details of what they would be required to do. The pictures (with the titles of the activity they represent) show a bit of the variety to what the campers went through for 2+ hours in the hot summer sun.

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But it was the absolute perfect segue to the evening’s main session. The speakers, Mickey and his wife Kristin Hammel, not only did a fantastic camp-wide review of Ephesians but also spent a solid portion of the time talking about relationships.

Though they did expound upon the relationship of husbands and wives (in a this-still-applies-to-you way), their starting point was Ephesians 5:21

And be subject to one another in the fear of Christ

The issue of family relationships isn’t just so that everyone gets along or so that some hierarchical line of command makes things run smoothly. Rather, it’s that ALL who are in Christ are commanded to walk in love, even to the point of offering up and sacrificing ourselves (Ephesians 5:2). With that, and every other point of their message, the Hammels kept communicating that walking in these ways is just not something we can do in human strength. We desperately need Christ. We need the riches of His grace, and we never grow out of needing it.

On that challenge, the campers went out to snack time and into a longer evening of room time to process and pray with their staffer and roommates.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit, who brings to remembrance all the Words of Christ, will cause these truths to sink deep, stir hard, and push us all to the only sufficient One!

In His grace,
The Transform Team

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