EQUIP Boot Camp 2: Day 8


We know we’ve already said this, but it felt like camp ended too soon. The Precept campus is too quiet, the rooms and chairs too empty and the last of the staff just drove up and out of our little valley. 

But we know that this is an opportunity to trust the sovereignty of our God and that HIS work and timing is perfect towards us. Today, the staff is praying for you and processing through all that happened at camp harder and deeper than you know.

That’s why it was such an applicable and fitting thing that we studied the armor of God from Ephesians 6 yesterday. It is the grace of God that gives. It is not by our power we are saved.

David Arthur did an amazing job taking all the students to Isaiah 59:16-21 to show where this armor in Ephesians 6 even comes from: it is CHRIST’S armor. An even more difficult but freeing connection: the armor of God is just another way Paul is telling the Ephesians to put off the old man and put ON Christ! We have this privilege and sacred struggle to keep surrendering.

For those of you who were transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of the Son:

We’re echoing the praises of heaven, and the work of our Almighty God for you! Remember the gospel, and all that you learned in Ephesians – this was not by your efforts, nor will it be by your efforts in the future. If we have, it is because He has given. If we live, it is because He has made us alive. Be encouraged, and enjoy His goodness towards you!!

For those who are struggling with darkness, or are not sure where they stand with the Father:

Keep seeking, and asking, like Richard Gamble exhorted us this week from Matthew 7:7-11! You cannot do this in your own strength, though surrender is hard and vulnerability is scary. Remember what Psalm 32:8-11 says, and be courageous to ask God to reveal His goodness to you. We’re praying, and will keep praying.

For those who desire to please Him and to know His will:

Breathe in grace, friends. Our Father loves, and keeps loving. Our Teacher teaches and keeps teaching. Have patience with yourselves, and with the God whose timing can neither be rushed nor late. Keep bringing all of yourself before the One who cares for you, and do not return to the chains of slavery. Confess before Him, and He will cleanse us (1 John 1:6-9).

We’re excited about and looking forward to serving you this next year through the Transform Discipleship Resources (if you don’t have an account to access these resources, here’s how you can get one), our blog, and personal relationships. Please don’t hesitate to send prayer requests to the Contact Us page! We regularly pray as a staff, and would love to intercede for you specifically.

In Him,
The Transform Team


P.S. for anyone who was interested in the Worship list for EQUIP Boot Camp 2 and didn’t get that:

— Psalm 66 (You Are Great) – Robbie Seay Band
— Here’s My Heart – Lauren Daigle
— Good Good Father – Chris Tomlin
— Death Was Arrested – North Point InsideOut
— Constant One – Steffany Gretzinger
— Marvelous Light – Shane & Shane
— Lion and the Lamb – Leeland Mooring
— Hear the Sound – All Sons and Daughters
— Your Glory – All Sons and Daughters
— Kindness – Chris Tomlin
— It Is Well – Bethel 
— How Can It Be – Lauren Daigle
— All the Poor and Powerless – All Sons and Daughters
— Cornerstone – Hillsong
— How Deep The Father’s Love For Us (Hymn) 
— How Great Thou Art (Hymn) 
— Transformed – Joy Knight

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