EQUIP-Boot Camp 2015 Day 5

Well, we are more than half way through camp and are continuing to dig deeper and deeper into 1 John.



Today, we studied 1 John 3 which is a pretty heavy chapter. We looked at:

Those who practice sin and those who practice righteousness.

Fixing our eyes on Jesus who is our hope and we purify ourselves as He is pure.

Seeing how when our heart condemns us, God is greater than our hearts.




In all, it was an encouraging day and our time together has been fruitful. Keep praying as students are beginning to feel tired. We are thankful that the Lord has protected us through the heat of the day while we play sports. The students have also loved their time with Kay as she eats lunch and dinner with them.

Also, pray for students as they practice leading Lightening Studies. Many of the students have been excited about this resource and feel that they could take friends through it. We will be excited to see how the Lord works through these resources and others once students go home.






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