EQUIP Boot Camp 3: AS WE WAIT (Day 7)

The fact that today is our last full day of EQUIP Boot Camp 2017 is mind blowing. Week 3 has surprised us in many ways. God has shown Himself abundantly faithful this week. There really was no way we could have foreseen how He would move through the times of study and worship.

Not only have these campers proven themselves avid learners this week, grasping the Inductive Bible Study method, but they have brought a hunger and excitement to camp that is refreshing. Several mornings they could even be found in the courtyard before breakfast reading the Word and praying. They have embraced one another and the community they have built at camp this week. More so, they have embraced the work that Jesus is doing in their hearts, and allowed Him to pursue them in a very personal way.

Last night’s main session did not go as expected at all. It was more than we expected. No one had any idea what God would do-but He came and brought some who were dead to life and to assurance of their faith! It was an incredible opportunity to see the Holy Spirit lead and work through His body, the Church. God confirmed to the Transform leadership that we needed to stay in the moment and we realized that were all on the same page.

Some students stayed and prayed with their friends for over an hour as we sang worship songs together. Many wept over the weight of their sin, some lifted up their friends and family to the Lord. Others just poured out their praise and love to the Lord. It was such a sweet moment.


Here, as we wait, seek your face, come and make your throne upon our praise. Here in this place, have your way, the moment that we see you we are changed.

Show us your glory, show us your glory. In wonder and surrender we fall down. Show us your glory, show us your glory. Let every burning heart be holy ground.

Here not by power, not by might, but only by the cross we come alive. Here, we’re undone, overcome by heaven’s love revealed before our eyes.

Chains fall. Fear bow. Here, now. Jesus you change everything. Lives healed. Hope found. Here, now. Jesus you change everything.  

-Holy Ground, Passion Band 


As we prepare to wrap up camp tomorrow, these campers need encouragement. They need to realize hope in the face of their sin, guilt, and shame. Many of them are fearfully looking ahead to going home. Leaving the tight community that is EQUIP Boot Camp can seem disheartening. Some campers have expressed fear that they won’t be a successful witness to their communities. Still, the Lord has done a lot in this group that is just the beginning phases of their spiritual growth.

Pray for us over the next twenty four hours that campers would continue to go all in, that God would give them faith to walk in the truths they have been impacted by this week. Pray that they would continue to be impacted by the truth about our God. Pray for our staff to have confidence and discernment to counsel them and encourage them. 

In Him,

The Transform Team

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