EQUIP Boot Camp 3: COME TO THE TABLE (Day 2)

              If EQUIP Boot Camp were a banquet table, it would be a very very long table surrounded by 75+ faces that are each unique and precious and full of personality. Some come to this table starving, while others don’t realize they are hungry at all…until they get a taste of the food set before them. A generous serving size of God’s Word (Genesis 1-3) would be the main course, beautifully garnished on a fancy dinner plate by stories from scripture and the lives of God’s people. Side dishes and dessert would be served next, the fun shared and the time spent worshipping together.

            At this banquet you would see Jesus as the centerpiece, grand in splendor yet in no way like your grandmother’s gigantic gaudy vase of smelly flowers and starchy ribbons. He is the kind of centerpiece that brings the partakers at the table in one accord and makes the whole conversation harmonious.

            But the patrons of this table are not spoon-fed. This feast is laid before them and when they are each given a fork and a knife (the tools to study inductively) they are shown how to dig in and encouraged to enjoy the richness of the Word. It is up to each of them whether and how much they partake, though it is our prayer that they will each be filled up to the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:19). This is the kind of feast that you can eat as much as you want, and in being completely full, become filled more and more.

            Carlotta shared this morning about how the Holy Spirit is our Helper, sent to reveal the truth to our hearts, or “digest” this truth, if you will (John 14:26). Without His grace and power we can’t fully partake of this banquet. We can come and “eat” but only He is the One who makes transformation take place.

            Please pray with us as we encourage these students to dig into the truth set before them. Pray that they would develop a hunger for the Word of God this week and that as we fellowship around this table that the Spirit would move in our conversations and community. We are ready to “feast” on the truth together at this table!

Hungry for His Word,

The Transform Team




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