EQUIP Boot Camp 3: THE BATTLE (Day 6)

Day 6 is a big day at EQUIP Boot Camp! Campers have no idea what they are in for during sports time! Today will go down in Boot Camp history because we are playing an EPIC camp game…THE COLISEUM.

Students and staff will engage in head to head competition in this flag tag styled field game. As opposing teams pull each other’s flags, their only redemption from total elimination is to grab a ring from the “tree of life”, while simultaneously escaping the wrath of the “gladiators” (the staff) armed with pool noodles and water balloons!

Though the Coliseum seems like an intense battle, we know that there is a real battle going on for our souls every day. Today’s study takes us into Genesis 3, the day that sin entered into the world. Much classroom discussion has been centered on the battles that we face in a world that does not believe God’s Word is the Truth.

Kay Arthur shared last night with the students that the battle for purity is crucial to honoring God’s design for marriage, but that making the decision before the battle begins is key.

Now that we have seen God’s beautiful design, how will we present this truth to a world that rejects the authority of His Word? As we study sin and temptation, how will we resolve to act when we are tempted? Whose voice will we choose to believe? We have great hope that these campers are being impacted by the truth and are making decisions even now that will impact the rest of their lives!

Thank you for your prayers for our students! Please pray for spiritual protection and guidance as our students dig deeper in the topics of sin and temptation, and that God would draw their hearts to Him as we prepare to look at the redemption to come!

In Him,

The Transform Team

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