EQUIP Boot Camp 3: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (Staff Orientation)



           *Cue 80’s rock music* This week is history in the making for EQUIP Boot Camp! After 40+ years of ministry, Summer 2017 marks the year we have committed to expand our field of impact by offering an additional week of camp!! The past few days of staff orientation have been flying by, described by our staffers with words like “whirlwind”, “energetic”, and “auspicious”. We are counting down the hours until we begin a new week of learning and growing in the Lord with a brand new group of students. While this is uncharted territory for our ministry, we are building upon a strong and vibrant legacy, which you can get a glimpse of in this photo from an old EQUIP Boot Camp memory!


            If you have ever experienced camp culture, you can attest that each set of campers comes with its own personality and energy. The exciting element about Week 3 is there are no previous expectations. With many students coming for the first time we have a unique opportunity to create a foundational camp experience. This opportunity comes with great responsibility. Our desire is to steward well what God has given us, yet entrusting the outcome to Him alone.

            Throughout staff orientation, we have been reminded over and over that although we have many strategies and structures for camp, the execution of those efforts comes secondary to one thing- making sure that camp points to Jesus. Campers will be learning a lot about Inductive Bible Study this week. They will mark key words, make lists, and even study some cross-references to help them unpack Genesis 1-3. But the heart behind it all is that we magnify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and everything else that we do this week.

            We desire your prayers for our staff as we countdown the minutes of our final orientation for the summer and welcome the campers! Many of our staffers have participated in all three weeks of camp and need God’s strength and focus to endure to the end. Others are dealing with life outside of camp and need God to show them His greatness this week. What is amazing about EQUIP Boot Camp staffers is the notion that we aren’t on a higher plane than the students. While we may be a few steps ahead of them in life, we are right alongside them diving into the Word and seeking the Lord together! Celebrate with us as we countdown to our first ever EQUIP BOOT CAMP 3!


With Great Expectation, 

The Transform Team 

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