EQUIP Boot Camp 3: THE PURSUIT (Day 3)


Imagine that you are running. The wind is whipping against your face,

sweat flying. Only the light of the moon illuminates the rocky ground

before you. From the pitch-black forest around you, a subtle sound

reaches your ear that makes your heart jump. Footsteps. Your breath

quickens. The sound seems to be getting closer. The urge to run is heightened

but your strength is giving out. Suddenly you trip over a root. Reaching

out to stop the ground in front of you, you let out a scream… 

There is much to run from in this life. We run from fearful circumstances, we run from commitment, we run from the Truth. Often we run to relationships, social media, or retail therapy. Maybe you run to your work, to the gym, or Netflix, when things go wrong. Maybe you run to science or philosophy when you need answers. We run because we feel rejected, alone, like a misfit, because we are disappointed, hurt or afraid.

So where should we run to when things don’t seem right?

Last night, Kay Arthur shared a message called “A Place to Run To”. God’s enemy, Satan, wants to keep us from running to the Word for answers. Kay challenged us that, “If God is wise enough to create, shouldn’t His Word be your wisdom for every situation of life?”

The truth is that not all of our campers are running to God. Some in fact are running in the opposite direction. So things like prayer and worship might feel repelling to them. Not all of the campers know God from a personal experience. They may know a lot about God, but Hebrews 11 says, “Those who come to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him”. We try to give students time during the day to do just that.

In the morning during “Mini-Main Session” we spend time running to God through personal reflection and praise to Him. Worship is simply proclaiming God’s “worth-ship”, declaring WHO he is and how worthy He is. Abiding in God’s presence is a command of Scripture (the Psalms are full of commands to “praise”), but often it is uncomfortable territory (or just plain boring) if your heart is running from the God who created you.

We pray that this week as students get to know God’s character through the Word that their time spent with Him in worship will become the catalyst of a life lived pursuing God, rather than running away from Him. We pray that they will be woken up to the truth of their dire state before the God of the universe. We pray that God would show them what they are running to, and choose to run to Him instead.

You see, not everyone realizes that they are running. It is possible for a very good person to be running from God. So what happens when they encounter a God they thought they knew but had never really seen before? What happens when the light bulb goes on in their heads and the truths in Genesis don’t just impact their minds, but their hearts? What happens when they realize that everything in Creation is pointing to a God who wants to be found and known?

What would happen if, instead, we ran TO the very Person we have been running FROM?

As you are falling, a form wraps its arms around you, clasping you in a

strong, protective embrace. Suddenly you feel at peace. At home. Could this

be the same presence you were running from just a moment before?

His voice is calming. His embrace is comforting. His words are healing. 


In Pursuit of Him, 

The Transform Team 

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