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The school year is winding down (or speeding into finals) and we’re feeling a little nostalgic as we look back over all the Lord has done since we started the First Friday posts back in September. When we started posting the Transform Discipleship Resources, it was our heart that God would use these short little studies to encourage you to get in the Word and know God in a deeper way.

Since you’re here, will you take a minute and reminisce with us? Let’s pause… look back…and see what the Psalms taught us about the Lord.


SHEPHERD…God our shepherd provides, protects, and comforts us.

YEARNING…In October, we learned that He sustains and satisfies us in the dry times.

PORTION…In our great need, the Lord provides counsel, instruction, joy, pleasure, and direction for life.

STRENGTH…As we celebrated Advent in December, we saw the Lord meets us in our weakness and gives us His strength.

CLEANSING…Experience the freshness of His goodness towards us, and the cleansing of His forgiveness and hope.

DIFFERENCE MAKER…Only God makes a difference in the lives of men! Only He can make the difference between the wicked man and the child of God!

GOOD…We pray you would know that God is near even when you may be rejected or judged by those close to you.

DELIVERER…Celebrate the great freedom your Deliverer gives to those who are captive by their own sin.


This final month of the school year, we want to worship the ONE who Reigns. We’ve been reminded afresh of the Lord’s power and might and are in awe of what His Word can do in our lives.

All of the Transform Discipleship Resources are still available. So, head on over and download “The Lord Who Reigns” or any of the others that you may have missed.

Let’s go into this summer worshipping the Lord who reigns and is worthy of all our praise!

The Transform Team


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