First Friday: NEW Transform Discipleship Resource


For those of you who don’t know, Transform committed to writing one new, free, inductive Bible study a month during last year’s EQUIP Boot Camp. We did that for a couple of reasons, but it all comes down to discipleship:

–us continuing to disciple and care for the students we built relationships with during camp

–equipping those same students with relevant resources that they can use to disciple others

Because of those reasons, we chose to change the title from “Lightning Study” to “Transform Discipleship Resources.” We want a name that describes more of what we’re aiming to do for and with you through these short, free studies.


Sometimes, when we study God’s Word, we come across a passage that brings clarity to some of the questions and situations that surround our lives. This happened to me recently while reading Psalm 36. At times, I find myself dumbfounded by the actions of others (I don’t think I’m alone in this). There have been many instances in the news lately where I come away heartsick about the things I see others doing. Thanks to living in such an instant-driven society, we have the ability to hear news about the evil acts of others that are completely devoid of common sense, let alone moral or spiritual convictions.

As I hear these stories my heart grieves and then I begin to wonder what makes the difference between me and the person committing such evil? What keeps me from committing the same acts? As I was pondering this one morning, I found Psalm 36 and the Lord used this passage to answer my question with such clarity.

Instead of me telling you what I learned, take a few minutes and work through “God Our Difference-Maker” yourself and let God’s Word speak into your life. Then share that clarity with others – they just might need some too.

The Transform Team


P.S. The New Year hit us in a swirl; and we felt like we were running just to catch up. While we didn’t post a blog, we did keep our word to create a resource for you. Check out “God our Cleansing” if you haven’t already!

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