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Have you ever made an assumption about something and found out later that it was completely wrong? Yeah, us too.

Assumptions are slippery things. Because they can be extremely helpful; they can also be extremely harmful.

–If you assume a test will be hard and study for it well, then that will have a worthwhile result.
–If you assume a friend will tell you only what you want to hear, then that could lead to hurt feelings and a rocky relationship.

In all that scientists know about the ways that the human brain works, there are confirmations that our brains are wired to work with assumptions. We can’t take in all the stimuli of sight, smell, touch, taste etc. at once; so instead our brain processes portions of information, then makes an assumption to fill in the gaps. So often we take in the facts (the what, the who, and the when) and make assumptions about the why and the how behind it. After all, that’s how Eve was led astray by the serpent’s logic (Genesis 3).

Often, we dislike not knowing something. We don’t like being in the dark, feeling left out, or ignorant. It threatens our sense of control and safety. But the truth is: we don’t always get to be in life circumstances that make us feel safe and secure.

When those times (seasons, years, months, days, hours, moments) come, we need a different set of assumptions. In Psalm 27, David says that he “believed that [he] would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” And when we look at the circumstances David was facing in Psalm 27, that belief and faith looks almost impossible or crazy.

But isn’t it crazier to not believe? Isn’t it safer to dare to trust a God whose nature is so sublime and filled with mysterious love, who promises that all (the good, the bad, and the ugly) is for our good?

Well of course! But that doesn’t make it easy. Also, how do we do that? What actions does it include?

Check out the new Transform Discipleship Resource on Psalm 27: “God Our Good.” We pray that it will encourage your faith in our good God; we also pray that the Holy Spirit would use His Word through you to encourage others.

In Him,
The Transform Team

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