First of March – Free Library of TDRs

Here at Precept Ministries International we strive for the Scriptures to be at the center of everything we do. That is why Transform Student Ministries has been investing time over the past two years (+) in developing what we now call Transform Discipleship Resources. 

If you have not heard about them before, TDRs are short Bible studies that we created specifically 1) to be free, 2) to give people a taste of Inductive Bible study, and 3) to be shared. 

We originally used these resources during our summer EQUIP Boot Camps, because we want to give students something that is transferrable from camp. We want more for our students than to come and have a great week studying the Word for themselves. Our goal is for students to have the training to be able to share simple Bible study tools with others, so that when the Holy Spirit moves they can join Him by sharing the truth in love. 

In an effort to make these TDRs more accessible, and therefore more easily shared, we have decided to make the entire library of these short studies available on this site. 

Library of Transform Discipleship Resources

You can see that they are grouped by topics: Attributes of God, and Identity in Christ. These were the topics we focused on each year following our summer camps.

Our prayer is that, whether you print off just one for yourself or ten thousand to share, we all submit ourselves to humbly receive the Word implanted (James 1:21) which is profitable beyond any currency of this world (2 Tim 3:16-17). 

In Him,
The Transform Team

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