Friends Don’t Let Friends Drown


I stood in the foyer of my church and spotted a girl about my age weighted down with a back pack. Sweetly the Lord prompted me, “Go be her friend.”I don’t make friends easily. In my introverted state, I struggle to make the necessary small talk to even begin a friendship. Sometimes I can’t even force myself go across a room and introduce myself.

That prompting from the Lord was His way answering my nine-year long request for a friend. Yes, for nine years I have been asking the Lord for just one friend. So I began to awkwardly push myself into her life. I felt stupid, but trusted the Lord to camouflage my weirdness and reveal my true heart that was just trying to be a friend.

And the Lord was faithful to grow that friendship quickly. I’ll never forget the first time she let her guard down and told me what was going on in her life. I was amazed at how she was pretending to hold her life together. I looked across the table and realized my friend was drowning and I didn’t even know it. I felt ashamed like I had let her down.

I began to pray for my friend like never before. I sought the Lord in my role as her friend. I didn’t have the first clue how to help her. I struggled to find balance between entrusting her situation to the Lord and not letting her drown.

 I struggled to find balance between entrusting her situation
to the Lord and not letting her drown.


“Friends don’t let friends drown,” I recently told her.

There have been times I have felt pressed to speak truth into her life and I worry about how she will receive it. I know that Ephesians 4:25 calls us to “speak truthwith our neighbor,” but I always fear she will think I am trying to fix things. Like I think it’s an easy recipe. Sometimes it’s well received, but other times I watch her shut down in front of me. I worry I’ll have to start over as her friend.

Yet I look at my friend who is out there drowning and I can’t just stand there and watch.

“Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. For if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion. But woe to the one who falls when there is not another to lift him up.” Ecclesiastes 4:10-11

Being a friend is more than just having things in common, sharing secrets, or enjoying time together. Being a friend is about carrying one another. It means looking out into the water and realizing the other one is drowning. We know it is not our role to fix anything, but we must come alongside each other and help carry each other’s burdens, pray for one another, and speak truth with gentleness and compassion. Friends don’t let friends drown.

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Ashlee is a native New Mexican. She is the wife of a College Minister, a student ministry leader, and has been involved with Transform Student Ministries for 14 years. She seeks to be a disciple of God and His Word as well as a disciple-maker. She is striving to walk in a manner worthy of the Gospel and to seek the favor of God not men.

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