Get to Know Our 2014 Interns: Amanda J.




Get to Know our 2014 Interns!

Each summer, Transform Student Ministries has the honor of hosting interns on our campus. These individuals have shown interest in learning the inductive study method and have an immense desire to disciple others in God’s Word. Interns for Transform will take time to immerse themselves in the training they receive and presenting themselves before God “as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:16)  

Please take time to read their hearts and please take some time to pray for Amanda! 

Why I am Doing This Internship…


I want to learn further how to teach the Word of God effectively and also train others how to teach and learn as well. This way, I can teach the Bible to the people for whom I translate the Bible. I can also show them how to study the Bible for themselves, so they can be an independent growing church, not constantly looking for leadership from the missionaries. I want to gain further understanding and experience in teaching God’s Word. I also want to learn how to teach others to study the Bible for themselves.

How You Can Help…


I especially covet your prayers. The summer will be challenging to say the least. Please pray that God will sustain all of the summer interns, that the training we receive will bear fruit, and that the students we work with during this time will be transformed by God’s Word for all time.

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