Grow Up!….That is the answer.

Do you ever have those sudden  moments of clarity when the answer to a problem becomes suddenly obvious? Do you know what we mean?  It‘s like someone turned on the lights and you think, “Oh, that’s it! That makes perfect sense!”

Recently I had one of those moments while hanging out at Boot Camp with a group of teens and doing a little Q and A. All of the answers to all of their questions really had two parts and all of the answers were in the Bible. There was an immediate correction or solution, and then a long term solution. It was almost like a lot of the answers you get when you go to the Doctor.  Usually they deal with the symptoms and then give you advice about how to prevent or at least minimize the problem in the future. You stay a little too long on the beach and come home with a nasty sunburn. The Doctor recommends some pain soothing lotion and then lectures you about skin cancer and tells you to use sun screen for the long term solution. The questions were all like that. A presenting problem showed the need for a long term solution.

Most of the questions were “how” type questions. How do you handle stress? How do you deal with anger? How can I forgive? How do you keep yourself sexually pure?

The answer to all of the questions is the same. At the risk of sounding too simple, the answer is “Study your Bible.”

Read and study your Bible as your primary source of information and then read what others have said about the Bible.

Now, we are not talking about reading the Bible simply to formulate a list rules or regulations. No, it is much deeper than that. The goal is a changed life which results from a daily surrender of all that we are, to all that He is.

Follow our train of thought:

  • As we study the Bible, we get to know God better.
  • As we get to know God better, we fall more and more in love with Him.
  • As we fall more in love with Him, surrender becomes easier and easier.
  • As we surrender or die daily, things like stress and anger begin to melt away.
  • Forgiveness becomes second nature.

The problem is that in our society we tend to demand instant results, instead of long term solutions. We want a magic weight loss pill that produces results in 6 hours instead of a disciplined eating and exercise program that will produce results in 6 months. In the spiritual world there is no instant maturity, it takes disciplined study in the Word. Growing up takes time.

Well, growth that matters takes time. Weeds grow fast, but honestly that is not what we are looking for here. Oak trees take longer.

So, the answer to most of our problems as Christians is “Grow up.”  That happens as you study the Bible for yourself, applying it’s truths to your life.

As you do, you find yourself surrendering all that you are to all that He is. That my friend is being a spiritual grown up.

Wrapping it up

One of the best things we could think of to help you as you study the Word is our New Inductive Bible Study series. This series covers the entire Bible! They are set up to be done in about 15 or 20 minutes a day, six days a week. What could be better than a daily devotional that actually takes you into the Word?

For more information about the series or to purchase your own copy follow the link below.

The New Inductive Study Series.

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TERRIFIC insight! I’m in my 40’s but as I grapple with burden this morning that I couldn’t quite put my finger on…God has used this. Time spent with another couple last night, for the purpose of holding one another accountable & go through a Christian marriage book (they have asked for this as a way to work on their marriage) — this is what was missing. Looking for quick fixes, or the perfect mate who meets all of our needs is not going to happen. Anchoring ourselves to our Lord Jesus, pursuing Him passionately — allowing Him to show us more of Himself & our own sinfulness — will go a HUGE way towards being at peace with our spouse. No wonder I woke today feeling uneasy & bothered. Thank you Lord — and thank you for this blog.

Also — the link for New Inductive Series did not work?? At least a few moments ago.

Thanks again!

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