Look 2 Christ: Our Example To Get Involved Part 2


We ended Part 1 of this blog with this question: If, according to Scripture, getting involved in the lives of others is a good thing, why is it that the effects of practicing this seem so problematic?

A Counter-Cultural Solution

I believe the answer to the puzzle is this: The reason why ‘getting involved in the lives of others’ seem to be problematic is not because Scripture is problematic but because we haven’t really been ‘getting involved in the lives of others’ in the way Scripture intends. If this is so, then we must ask, ‘How are we supposed to get involved in the lives of others biblically?’

 I submit one solution: Anyone who wishes to ‘get involved’ must look at how Jesus ‘got involved’, learn from Him and follow Him.

 From eternity past, the Son of God looked down into a world of sinful humanity, and He did not say ‘I don’t wanna offend them’, but said, I’m gonna ‘get involved’ to save them. What lessons can we learn from His involvement – His birth, life, death, resurrection, ascension and reign?

-Jesus humbled Himself


If I humble myself, “taking the form of a bond-servant” (Phil 2:5-11), remembering and feeling that I am the worse of sinners, then I will neither talk proudly to my brother nor be proudly judgmental and adopt a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude.

– Jesus was motivated by Love


If I were motivated by love for the other, like Paul (2 Cor 5:14-15), I will always ask myself, “How can I best love and serve my brother?”

-Jesus was motivated by His Father’s Glory


If I am motivated by my Father’s Glory, then my goal is not simply to solve a problem or to help a brother. Ultimately, I want to hold my brother’s hands and bring him to Jesus: to know Jesus, to love Jesus, and to worship Jesus with all his heart.

-Jesus suffered


Getting involved is painful, risky, time-consuming and emotion-draining. But if I am willing to ‘suffer’ for my brother, I will not be concerned about the pain, risk, time and emotions. Rather, I will be concerned about pointing my brother to Jesus.

-Jesus spoke Gospel Warnings and Gospel Forgiveness


When my brother sins, I must give him the Gospel warnings. When my brother is broken, I must show Him the Love, Grace and Forgiveness of Jesus.

-Jesus spoke God’s Word


If I must speak, what shall I say? What medicine do I have to offer a starving brother? Should I focus on the advice of the world or give him self-help ideas from Freudian psychology? No! I must give him that which will feed his soul: He does not live on bread alone but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God!

-Jesus prayed


He always did! And He still does! If I love my brother, let me ask the Great Physician to heal him. When I cannot counsel, I must pray. When I can counsel, I must pray.

-Jesus loved


There’s so much advice one could give. But, the greatest of this is love. Because without love, I am nothing (1 Cor 13).

The Christian Culture

Getting involved sometimes means calling a friend and meeting them. Sometimes, it means sitting silent and learning to shut up, like what Job’s friends initially did. However, getting involved always means praying for your brother and loving him, as Jesus loves us, and prays for us. To Him alone be the glory.

Daryl first got acquainted with  Transform Student Ministries in 2011 serving in the Summer Intern Program. When we asked Daryl for a short bio for the blog, he told us that he is a great sinner, and has a great Savior.


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