Month to be Motivated

 I’ll go ahead and get to the point of this blog: the greatest thing you can pursue in this month of resolutions is to RESOLVE to know Jesus’s purposes and to choose to participate in those purposes.


I love being around people who remind me of how amazing Jesus and His life is. Just looking at the historical facts of Jesus’s life you realize that He lived a radical life of consequence. He was famous for being a miracle-worker and a preacher. In three years He turned His area of the near Middle East upside down with His teachings. After He was crucified and His tomb was found empty, hundreds of people testified to seeing Him living again! Monotheistic Jews began worshiping Jesus as God and inviting non-Jews to follow their God  Despite fierce and widespread suffering that often ended in death, His followers spread His story and His teachings so staunchly that Christianity continues to spread to the whole world and we have His gospels today!


The gospels and the rest of the Bible not only contain records of Jesus Christ’s greatness but ways that we can choose to live in light of how amazing and significant the records are.


I love the gospel of John. It happens to be a great place to get to know Jesus because John was “written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name” (John 20:31). As I’ve been reading through John I’ve been paying close attention to these things and making lists that summarize who Jesus is, what He did, what He taught, and how people responded to Him. I’ve also been asking myself a few questions to check my heart according to what I’m reading, such as, “do I believe Jesus is the Christ? Do I believe He is the Son of God? Am I experiencing life in His name?”


 From this mini-study of John I’ve gained a much better understanding of how to:

  1. share the gospel (because I’ve been reading it over and over)
  2.  who Jesus is (because the gospel is His life then and now)
  3. and who I am called to be in light of who Jesus is (because I can’t walk away from the magnificence of these truths without being changed)!


I need to be reminded that Jesus’s life motivates my life. We can take advantage of this month of motivation and RESOLVE to know Jesus’s purposes by continually studying the Word and to participate in those purposes in order to celebrate His amazing life of salvation!

Sarah has served on our Boot Camp staff and joined us for the first time in 2011 as one of our summer interns. Sarah describes herself as an old soul passionate about glorifying an eternal God in this age. May He receive all praise and worship unto the end of this age!

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