First Friday: New Transform Discipleship Resource


Have you ever found yourself wondering what gives some people an unshakeable faith?

You know, the ones who walk through the hard life stuff, yet continue to have joy?

I mean, even in the midst of uncertainty, they are unwavering… 

Where does this kind of stability and direction come from?

It really can only come from one source.

It comes from the One who spoke life into existence, who holds the whole world in His hands. 

This month’s lightning study shows us a person whose life displays this kind of certainty giving you insight into their source of faith.

It is our prayer that no matter what you are facing in the month ahead that you will be able to cry out with the Psalmist and declare the Lord as your only source for GOOD!

We want to encourage you to share these Truths with a friend who needs this kind of security! Meet them for coffee (or a bite to eat) and walk through the study together. We guarantee…you and your friend will be impacted by it!


where to download this free study (God our Portion)

   (once you log in, you can find the study in the “Resources” tab)


more about Lightning studies

how to download them free by creating a POC account

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