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After the post Christmas hype, when we head into the New Year, there is one thing I really look forward to here at the office! It’s a big task, and requires quite a bit of reading…but, it’s worth every bit of time! It’s so much more rewarding than a lot of the things on my list of to do’s and really, it builds my faith, leads me to worship, and causes me to pause and reflect on the goodness of the Lord! Do you want to know what it is?

Reading through all of the Boot Camp applications!

I love it because I get to read about how the Lord has saved students, how He has led them out of darkness and into light. So many say how they thought they knew the Lord when they were little kids, but now He has shown them what a life of surrender is and drawn them closer to Him. Some talk about previous Boot Camps, how the Lord spoke to them and led them and transformed them through time in the Word. Sometimes, the stories lead me to tears because I really can’t imagine the pain and sadness these “kids” have lived through…yet they turn and praise God for how He has used it to show them more of Himself.

The really cool part is that these applications aren’t just essays on paper, they represent real lives. They are the stories of students who will all be here in June at our Boot Camp. These students will be studying God’s Word together, worshipping together, and sharing their stories with one another. I know I’m probably biased, but this camp really is the best camp for students who are seeking to grow in their relationship with the Lord, who want to know how to study His word for themselves, and who desire to be around other students their age…who have the same passion and devotion to God.

You don’t have to just take my word for it! I’ll leave you with a small sampling of some applications I’ve read so far this year! I can’t wait to read the rest! It’s amazing how teenagers can teach this 30-something to walk with the Lord by living life totally surrendered to Him!

“Toward the end of middle school, God began to reveal Himself to me through many Bible studies and church services. I now know how desperately I need God. It is amazing how the more you understand the great need for God, the more you experience and relish His love. He has shown me through countless mistakes how lost I am when I try to make it on my own.”

“In the months leading up to Boot Camp 2011 we’d had 5 deaths in the family. My cousin’s 9 month old died a couple weeks before camp. I went to his funeral, and the very next day traveled to Boot Camp. The study and time at camp really helped me because reading and studying for myself the fact that God does NOT break His promises or covenants made me want to trust Him even more. I know that He will always be here for me even through the good times and the bad.”

“One of the main things I learned at Boot Camp 2011 was simple and basic. It was that I no longer bear my sins, but I’m forgiven because Christ was the one true sacrifice! I’d heard that so many times in church growing up, but never felt it and took it to heart. A huge burden was lifted off that week last year, and I have been filled with joy since.”

Just so you know, the application deadline is quickly approaching! All applications MUST be postmarked by February 1, 2012. If you’re interested in finding out more about camp, or downloading the application you can get it here

I look forward to reading YOUR application soon!


Brooke Ritterbush
Coordinator, Transform Student Ministries

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This was such an encouraging post. I need to be more faithful in prayer before camp even starts, for these students as they come and hear what the Lord has prepared for them.

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