Only 2 days before staff orientation for camp 1!

Just a quick update into our camp preparations. Our interns are finished taking their turns going through Covenant. For the last two weeks, they’ve been in a classroom with Precept trainers who modeled lessons with them and then gave them turns to lead a lesson and privide constructive feedback. So not only did they complete the entire study before they arrived for the summer, they’ve now seen each lesson taught in the classroom setting. I can’t think of any better preparation before they lead their classrooms.

In the meantime, Brooke has a team of volunteers, mostly our “old” interns, organizing, planning, putting together our camp activity, shopping for supplies, and whatever else needs to be done. We’ll have more volunteers, some of whom are trainers for the ministry, coming in to watch the classrooms and help our teachers to grow. As you can see, our vision for bootcamp includes raising up a new generation of leaders and teachers! I can’t remember where I got the quote from or I’d cite it, but the basic idea goes like this “Any organization that does not raise up new leaders dies.” How true!

Ashley (my wife) is prepping to lead our entire staff through the classroom times during orientation and lead them in discussing what they learned on a personal level. I’m prepping for teaching in main sessions

(and typing facebook notes among other things!) and doing the best I know how to lead a team full of leaders. And we all need your prayers! Here are some things God has impressed us to pray for over the last few days:

  • Unity on our staff
  • That the staff come in with the ability and the heart to lead the teens
  • That we not grow anxious but walk in constant dependance on God
  • Protection, physically and spiritually

May God grow His kingdom through what happens here!




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