What God Can Do With 40 Years


One summer I sat with a group of Transform Student Ministries interns as Jack Arthur, co-founder of Precept Ministries, wrote the timeline of his life on a white board that stretched across the classroom. He started at his birth and walked through all the seasons of his life talking about how the Lord has used his time on this earth. As he unfolded his story, he walked us through each phase of his life, the wasted and the wonderful. He talked about great adventure on the mission field and the disappointment of the illness that brought him and his wife Kay home to Chattanooga in the 1960’s. When they came home, he worked for a local radio station and during that season, Kay started a bible study for teens in their home. He told us that in those early days Kay used their son David’s high chair as a podium for her Bible. The bible study eventually got so large that they had to move it out of their home and into another building in town.

 Kay’s thriving teen bible study eventually lead her to begin other studies for women. Before they knew it, they were in need for more space. At their time of need, the Lord provided land for them to purchase. God was beginning to build what is now Precept Ministries International. As Jack shared the history of Precept Ministries, he shared many miraculous stories of the Lord’s provision for needs, the Lord’s direction, and the Lord’s faithfulness to him and his wife over the years. As he came to the end of his timeline he said that these past 40+ years have been his favorite (despite difficult times), and not one year has been wasted. The Lord has used them all.

Transform Student Ministries is the generational equipping arm of Precept Ministries International.  We’re thankful for Jack and Kay’s obedience to the Lord over the years and we are excited to get to be a part of His leading! Precept Ministries and Transform are dedicated to coming alongside teens, college students, and leaders to establish them in God’s Word, challenging them to know God and walk obediently, teaching them to study His Word inductively, training them to lead others in the power of the Holy Spirit by providing biblical discipleship through Bible study materialsconferences, seminars, and camps.

If you’re interested, Precept has a really amazing timeline on their website that walks through the history of the ministry! If you have a minute, take a look at how the Lord has been directing Jack and Kay over the years! 

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