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Have you ever seen a student read the Bible and get so excited about the truths they are discovering that they shout out loud in class, “I get it! I get it!

Have you ever seen a young person who is struggling with the purpose or value of their life transform into a person full of life, hope, and mission because of what God revealed about Himself through their Bible study?

What about a young man who grasps his Bible study and goes and starts other Bible studies with a group of other young men and gets them just as excited?

Well, we can honestly say we have seen it and it is incredible! Here at Transform and Precept Ministries International, we have one mission. We have one objective on that mission. We want to see people established in God’s Word.

We have witnessed the Holy Spirit work radical transformations in the lives of students and their leaders through the simple process of discovering truth for yourself. Because once they learn how to discover truth for themselves, they want to know more and more – resulting in lives being established in God’s Word.



Ali is a young girl, about 16 years old, who was in one of our classes for the conferences that we hold in December. We were discussing Titus and she yelled out in the middle of class, “I get it! I get it! Paul is saying that I will live out of whatever I believe to be true! This means that I need to know what is true so that I can live accordingly!” Ali was starting to understand what the Bible was teaching her. What she didn’t do at that conference was just fill in a blank. She didn’t have a teacher telling her how to live her life. She literally walked through Titus by observing what it had to say. She used the inductive study method, that we teach, and she was then able to apply Scripture to her life.

Joy was a young girl who had no desire to live and didn’t want to be a part of the camps that we offer in the summer. However, God reached Joy through the study on the “Sermon on the Mount” study that we did at our Boot Camps and she experienced a transformation because of the Word. You can read her testimony by clicking here.

Micah loves to study inductively! He started when he was young. He learned how to study and use the materials that we offer. Now Micah goes to Moody Bible Institute and has started discipleship groups with young men. He is in the process in teaching other young men how to study the Bile for themselves. In fact, we have had those young men contact Transform and see how they can get involved in ministry here this summer.


These testimonies are fuel for the fire for what we absolutely love to do and, honestly, it is not because of anything that we have marketed or strategized. It is really because of what the Word has done in each of their lives. Each student caught onto how to study, got excited and wanted more, and began to be established in God’s Word for themselves. Their stories are our stories – and it’s what we envision our ministry to be made of: exemplary followers of Jesus Christ, studying the Bible inductively, viewing the world biblically, making disciples intentionally, and serving the church faithfully in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Praise be to our God! We would love more people to be established in God’s Word. That is our mission and our vision.

We want you on our team, because we view this mission as absolutely vital. Rally behind us so we know you’re here and that you’re engaged. Discover truth for yourself by coming to one of our many events, begin a study with our materials, or join our discussions on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Make this critical mission YOUR mission too. Because it’s not optional. (See Matthew 28:19-20)



Are you in?





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