Pictures of 2013 Interns

Interns have been preparing for camps. They have taken two weeks to gain the skills and understanding! We wanted to show you a few pictures of them in class time. We hope you enjoy and that you or any friends, who qualify for our internship, think about it for 2014! You can gather more information and the application here!


Brooke leading through the study


Kiersten reading over the material


Class time


Danielle reviewing her materials


Holly and Emily discussing


Zach seems to be having a good time


Vinny is soaking it all in


Holly is bright and is discussing with her table all that she has learned


Sarah Beth and Danielle discussing with Holly as well


Sarah smiling at something someone said


Sarah was probably smiling at Samantha


Briana in awe of something


Marked Bible...that's what we like to see :)


Nick is loving what he is learning here!





The Transform Weekend Series leads students directly into God’s Word

to examine different subjects and themes that are relevant to today’s generation.

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