Prayer for Boot Camp 2013

Boot Camp 2013 is just around the corner and we cannot believe it! God has worked so much since last year’s boot camp and we are in awe of how He orchestrates His plans. We desire that you, as a part of the body of Christ, would humbly go before the Lord in prayer to intercede for all who are involved in this year’s camps. Culture has left this young generation with many questions and they are looking for answers. Only God’s Word is able to answer those questions with authority. We know that God desires all to know Him, His Word, and to walk in the joy of obedience so that all my have life abundantly. So as this year’s camp draws near, we hope that you, like us, would go before the Lord in anticipation and expectancy!

If you are willing to partner with us in prayer for Boot Camp 2013, we would love to give some specific prayer requests:

  1. Our topic: This year, we are walking through what the Bible has to say about marriage. Obviously, we don’t have to tell you how this topic has been attacked and perverted by culture. We desire that the students would truly understand what the Bible reveals and teaches about marriage.
  2. Hearts: Pray that we all would be humble and receive all that God has to say about this topic and that they would desire to align their hearts in joyful obedience.
  3. Staff: Pray that our staff will be unified and desire that God would be honored in all that they say and do.
  4. Interns: We have 11 interns this year, three have been a part of Precept and Transform before and the other 8 are brand new to the ministry. They have worked hard for the past couple of weeks to prepare for this year’s camps. We ask that you pray that they will be confident in the Lord for what He has prepared for them.
  5. Students: We ask that you eagerly pray for the students. This is a heavy topic and we anticipate and expect that God will work on many of their hearts while they are in classrooms and main sessions.
  6. Speakers, Worship Leader, and Livestream: Pray that God’s wisdom would be clearly communicated and that all messages would be clearly understood. Pray that our new Livestream, that has the potential to reach many friends and family of the students, would broadcast Kay’s message effectively and glorify God!

We are so blessed to know that you are praying for and with us!

As always, be sure to check out our Facebook page, Livestream page, and blog during camps. We will be doing our best to post as often as is possible. We are anticipating and expecting God to do big things this summer!

Blessings from the Transform Team

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