We can’t believe that it has been a year already since our last Student Conference. The time has flown! Last year, we did our new study on Doctrine Part 1. We learned how our belief systems determined our actions. We looked through the book of Titus to see our need for sound doctrine.

This year, we are going to be doing Doctrine Part 2. This study is a continuation from Doctrine Part 1 looking at specific doctrines that are foundations to a believer’s faith! Some of these doctrines will include creation, Jesus, and how Christian’s actions will change because of these doctrines. We are really excited about this study and can’t wait until the students get here on November 30th!!

However, no matter how good the study is, we know that it is the Holy Spirit who works on each individual’s heart. We ask that you would join us in praying! We have lots to be mindful of in our prayers as we get closer to the date!

We are going to be posting blogs to give specific prayer requests!


What we ask:

  1. Pray for the requests that we post!
  2. Share our blogs with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

(This is an opportunity to share with the community the prayer requests)


We really are super pumped about this study and what God is doing with His Word! We really do want students to DISCOVER for themselves, GO DEEPER in His Word, and be able to DISCIPLE others in God’s Word as well!

IF you have a PRECEPT ONLINE COMMUNITY account you can find Transform in one of the groups as well and post to us there as well if you like! God Bless and thank you!!

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