Praying for Transformation – 4/15


In Paul’s first letter to the Church at Corinth, after many chapters of reminding the Corinthians of their identity in Christ and instructing them on matters of faith and conduct, he summed it up with this command: “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (10:31 ESV). As believers, our whole lives are to be lived for the primary purpose of bringing glory to God our Savior. This seems simple, but it is often difficult for it to become a reality.

I mean, how often do we get into our car and think, “Today, I am going to drive in a way that brings glory to God?” Instead, most of us are too busy yelling (at least in our heads) at the slow person who does not understand the purpose for which the far left lane was created. Or when was the last time you went out and ate a pizza for the main purpose of glorifying God and not only to satisfy your craving for cheesy goodness? These things may seem insignificant, but, at least for Paul, they should all be done for God’s glory.

Now think about this. When was the last time you set aside time to pray solely for God to receive greater glory on the earth? I know for me, most of my prayer life is centered on me or my family and friends. Don’t get me wrong, intercession is of the utmost importance! But if seemingly small activities like driving and eating should be done for the glory of God, then we should most definitely pray for that same purpose. So, when we practice intercession, we should do so with the purpose that God would receive glory.

Let’s look at an example of this from the Old Testament. In 2 Kings 19, Sennacherib, king of Assyria, threatened to destroy the kingdom of Judah (Vv. 10–11). After hearing this threat, the first response of Hezekiah, king of Judah, was to go to the Lord in prayer:

O Lord, the God of Israel, enthroned above the cherubim, you are the God, you alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth; you have made heaven and earth. Incline your ear, O Lord, and hear; open your eyes, O Lord, and see; and hear the words of Sennacherib, which he has sent to mock the living God. Truly, O Lord, the kings of Assyria have laid waste the nations and their lands and have cast their gods into the fire, for they were not gods, but the work of men’s hands, wood and stone. Therefore they were destroyed. So now, O Lord our God, save us, please, from his hand, that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that you, O Lord, are God alone” (Vv. 15–19).

Later that night, the angel of the Lord delivered Judah by striking down 185,000 of the Assyrians. We see here that Hezekiah asked God to deliver Judah for the purpose of showing all the world that He is God alone. Hezekiah displayed the kind of heart attitude that God loves to answer: a heart zealous for His glory.

This month, will you pray with me that God will gain a greater glory through His answers to the prayer requests below?

— Pray for creativity and wisdom for our team as we seek to engage more students within the Precept Network areas and how we can build stronger relationships with youth leaders and parents in those areas.
— Pray for open doors within local churches to introduce teens to inductive study and help grow them in their relationship with God by studying His Word.
— Ask God to stir the hearts of others to give toward the 2016 summer interns so they will be able to participate in the internship.
— Pray that God will provide opportunities for students to share the gospel and explain the importance of studying the Word and living as a disciple-maker.

Thank you so much for your prayers, you have no idea how much they mean to us!

Transform Team

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