Praying for Transformation 12/18


When your strength is running low and your heart is weary, when you’re overwhelmed by circumstances, or the list of to do’s, the people to see, the time needed to just rest, we recognize our finite state, our neediness more. We wonder what it will take to ease the stress, anxiety, fears, but it’s honestly a simple solution, isn’t it? While it is simple, it is a struggle. It takes our efforts. It takes our strength (what little is left) to cry out to God confessing that we can no longer carry the load we’ve been carrying.

Can you relate to feeling this way? All it takes is a moment to stop, to pray, to rest, to wait, to trust. But we struggle and keep struggling with our pride, our desire to get it right and do it ourselves. The simple effort of humbling ourselves, talking to God, and listening to His voice can change everything. And it definitely changes us. It’s a step of faith to slow down and cry out to our Father turning attention toward Him.

Over the past couple of years, Transform has striven to imagine ourselves holding out our open hands, and lifting our eyes toward Him in heaven. More than just an image, we want our lives and work to show that we are surrendered to God’s will and are trusting Him to do as He sees fit. Praying may seem simple (or complex) to you, but the main takeaway is that it takes perseverance, praying without ceasing, holding steadfast, and believing that our God will accomplish what concerns us (Psalm 138:8) for His glory and His name’s sake!

For the past few months, we’ve been asking for prayer as we walk through a season of transition. This time has been a mix of emotions from grieving to rejoicing, excitement to anticipation for the future. Yet day in and day out we are waiting as God unfolds His plan for Transform! It is truly an honor to be a part of the Kingdom with you; we all play a part in its work, and prayer is an intricate part in that work.

So this month, as we celebrate the birth of our Savior (the Light of the world, the Hope of glory!) we pray that you will join with us in celebrating the things we have seen Him do and the things we eagerly anticipate Him to provide! Would you pray with us for:

—  a refreshed start to a new year with plans to grow and expand Transform Student Ministries in 2016.
—  wisdom and guidance for Transform and the leadership transition we are currently undergoing.
—  perseverance as we head into the busy time of prep and planning for the summer events.

And we have EXCITING news:


Kiersten Wells (a 2013 intern) will be joining Transform starting in January!!!

If you don’t know Kiersten, you soon will as her energetic personality and infectious love will be evident in any interaction she has with you. It is truly a joy to welcome her to the team, and we’re looking forward to her start date!

With our eyes on Him,
The Transform Team

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