Reflections on EQUIP-Boot Camp 2015: Carlotta

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As I think back on this year’s camp, I stand in awe of God and the work He did in my heart and the hearts of those who were here!  It was truly amazing to see how praying, planning and the preparation paid off as God through His Holy Spirit put the pieces together for the students as they studied through 1 John.  It was indescribable to see the Spirit of God transform hearts right before our eyes.  It was our desire for them to see for themselves who Jesus is, what they can KNOW about Him, and how they can KNOW Him.  God was so faithful to accomplish that as we spent hours and hours immersed in His Truth!

My experience in the classroom with the juniors and seniors was such a rewarding time.  We had a rich time studying and sharing about our experiences discipling others using the inductive Bible study method.  Many were excited about the new lightning studies we introduced to them as a tool to share with friends and family back home.  The excitement about what they have learned and how they could share with others hasn’t faded into the background even after they’ve returned home.  I’ve still been receiving messages from students who have started meeting with others and have been able to show them how to know God through the study of His Word.  That has blessed my heart deeply to hear about the fruit that has been produced from these students’ time spent at EQUIP Boot Camp!

Every year I am convinced God chooses the study, the staff, and the students He wants here and He accomplishes His will in each heart and life…and this year was no exception!

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