Setting Goals


 Getting back to school was such an exciting time for me.  I am not sure my children would agree however. It was a time of great expectation for learning new things, acquiring new skills and exploring the unknown. By this time most years my lesson plans were complete, supplies and books were ready to open and goals were set for the new school year.  We were ready to begin a new school year with all its possibilities.

By this time I am sure that you have completed your planning and goal setting for this school year.  Even if that simply means you have all your curriculum and you plan to finish them this year. Now let me take a minute and ask you a question; have you set goals for spiritual growth and focus for yourself and your children for this school year?  If you have not, here are some things you may want to try.

First, you will want to consider the big picture and here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you do just that. 

  1.  How have I or my children grown spiritually in the past year?
             Make a list of accomplishments and victories for each child and yourself.
  2. What areas in my life or my child’s life need growth and maturing?

After you have given some thought to these questions and made your lists, you are now ready to set some SMART goals for spiritual growth. SMART is an acronym to help you set your goals.

            S – be specific

            M – measurable

            A – attainable

            R – relevent

            T – time bound or trackable.

When setting your goals first be specific about the goals you set for each child and yourself.  Instead of vast goals, narrow the goals that you set for each child and yourself to focus on one or two areas that need growth.  The goals you set need to be both relevant and attainable.  The goal you set for your 10 year old is probably not going to be attainable for your 5 year old also.  Finally, your goals must be time bound and measurable because your goals will be forgotten if you do not have a plan for reaching them.  When you’re bogged down in school work and the holiday extras are pressing in, your spiritual goals will be the last thing you think about unless you have them planned out. Once you have your goals written down and planned out it will such an encouragement to go back to them and refocus.

I hope you have a great school year filled with discovery and growth.  I also hope that at the end of the year you will be able to look back and see how much you and your children have grown spiritually. 

Thesa Morgan serves as Precept Ministries International’s
Curriculum Representative and Student Ministries Registrar.
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