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There’s something mysteriously beautiful about memory, about the way God has caused human hearts and minds to experience and re-experience things days and decades after they happen. It is also pretty incredible that 150 people at a camp will have distinctly different experiences and interpretations of what happened.

While serving during the 2015 EQUIP- Boot Camps, I thought a lot about perspective. It’s not uncommon after camp to feel lost on some level. Whether it was in a moment wondering what to study during quiet time, trying to find a place to serve, or even how to transition back into school in a way that glorifies God, I remember Fear and Laziness and all their questioning, noisy friends closing in with temptation in hand. In those times, I would think back to time at camp, and yearn for the community and safety there. Before I knew it, all sorts of lies were floating around in my head and draining my heart’s energy, as I left the place I actually was to live in a memory!

While it is not a sin to miss a place and time when we were seeking the Lord together, saturated in Scripture, and engaging in healthy conversation, we have to be careful to keep things in perspective. Ultimately we have to seek God, believing that He is still sovereign over this very second in time…

and this one

…and this one too.

Because that’s the narrow path away from the “me” perspective and into His truth.

One of the things God has been teaching, convicting, and humbling me about is simplicity. During camp, I was so amazed at how simple it is, from the structure to the schedule. I was amazed because so many unspeakably-astounding and life-transforming things happen during camp, as people learn and commune with each other and God in His Word. Even that sentence is weak – it can’t contain all the stories, or hearts, or moments. I can confidently say from the leadership side that there wasn’t anything magical we did to make that happen. It hit me: there is no secret sauce. The call has always been simple: follow me.

We don’t have to follow the path of our To Do list over our God. In fact we shouldn’t, regardless of whether those things are good or sinful. Know today that when you make a simple decision to surrender your will and a simple, honest effort to seek God, He meets you. Can we just revel in the amazing gift that is?! It may not look like what you imagine; but Jesus told us to seek and promised that we will eventually find (Matthew 7:7-8).

“May all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You!
May those who love Your salvation say evermore ‘God is great!’
But I am poor and needy; hasten to me, O God!
You are my help and my deliverer; O Lord, do not delay!”
Psalm 70:4-5

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Joy is a recent college grad and 2014 Precept intern. She is currently seeking out opportunities to serve the Lord in work and life, while learning what it looks like to focus more on Jesus each day.

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