There are countless things in my life that I am or, at least, should be thankful for. The typical list of wonderful blessings include my family and close friends with whom I have endured trials and enjoyed many laughs. I am thankful for these people. I am also thankful for the job, home, mind, breath, and other stuff God has let me have. The experiences he has given me are many and varied and each one has earned my thankfulness in some way or another. However, running beneath all of these things like a firm foundation is something else that I am thankful for more than anything else. The reality of this subject goes beyond my ability to use words, but I will give it a shot.

I am thankful for the mercy of God. I owe a large debt that I could never repay with any amount of government bailouts. I am guilty of many wrongdoings, and each of them are supposed to demand my life, but God forgave all of them.
I am thankful for the redemption of my life. God did not just leave it at the forgiveness of my lifetime of debt. He did not tell me, “All right, we’re good now. The rest is up to you,” and then send me out to the streets with nothing but my sense of style to guide me out of a life of misery (I would be doomed). He instead redeemed my entire life. He took me into his house. He made me a part of his family. He looked at each of the broken pieces of my life and, one-by-one, is remaking them into something good. He has been and is exchanging my old way of existing into his way – the best way. He is doing all of this because he loves me.

I am thankful that he loves me despite my best efforts to make him stop. God is patience. He is love and he is patience. I am thankful that he doesn’t get tired of my questioning of his goodness and that he is patient with me when I thrash against his love. I am thankful that he holds me when I convince myself that I am alone. I am thankful for his longing to show goodness to me and my tiny existence even though I go for long periods of time barely considering his ultra-cosmic glory. I am thankful that he doesn’t even consider turning his back on me when I tell him I’m done. I’m thankful that is and always will be my father.

I have done nothing to deserve these wonders that God has shown me. I suppose that the disparity between my effort to earn it and the magnitude of the gift is what makes it so special. The simply defined but infinitely amazing concept of God’s grace is what I am most thankful for. My entire life depends on it, and I can take no credit for it. Thank God.


Two truths and a lie about Brad:

  1. Holds a degree in Religious Studies from Liberty University.
  2. Currently works as a Web Developer and Graphic Designer.
  3. Has a crippling fear of the tiny holes cut into crackers.

The truth is out there…twice.

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