The Answer to “How Do I Focus More On Jesus?” is…

A Little Girl Staring at the Sun The three of us sat down in the mall food court. It was just a typical day of shopping. To my right was a student I have discipled, across from me was her sister. As we talked about things in their lives and choices they were making, I began to share a simple truth about pursuing Jesus.

“If you will pursue Jesus and the things of Him, those things you are struggling with will become less attractive.”I told them. It was a truth I have shared many times. The key to overcoming sin is not to sit down and tell yourself don’t do it over and over again. The more you think about sin, the more you want to do it. You have to focus less on what you don’t want to do and focus more on Jesus.

I could see the sister was interested in what I was saying. She asked me, “How do I focus more on Jesus?”

The answer seemed too easy. “You spend time with Him in His Word.” I told her.

Maybe you are a student worker or leader who disciples students. Maybe you are a student who is looking to be discipled or to disciple a friend. The best encouragement I can give you in discipleship is to pursue Jesus, cling hard to Him, and dig deep into the Word.

Maybe you don’t know how to disciple someone. I still remember the first time I was asked to disciple someone. I was afraid and wasn’t sure what to do. What wisdom did I have to give to anyone? That’s when I realized a vital truth in discipleship.

I had nothing to offer anyone but Jesus and His Word.

I am not smart enough or wise enough or even godly enough to have anything to offer in a discipleship relationship. I am grateful for the people of Precept Ministries who invested in me. They taught me how to study the Bible for myself and taught me how to teach other people how to study the Bible. I knew I could share the things I had learned as a Boot Camper and an intern. I could help someone walk toward Jesus in the Word. That was the only thing I had to offer.

Jesus and His Word is the best thing I ever have to offer to anyone.

Why do we think we need some fancy strategy? Why do we think we need to read the latest book? Why do we not realize Jesus and His Word are more than enough. They give life and breath and courage in ways we as people never could. They convict and cut deep and draw repentance in ways we never will.

And as I sat there talking to these two girls who are dear to my heart and they shared with me their struggles. I remembered that Jesus was the best thing I could give them. So I shared with them the beauty of the gospel and helped them know how they could seek Jesus. I encouraged them to dive deep into the Word and draw their wisdom, strength, and courage from the Word and not from me.

Then something amazing happened. I watched as the idea of pursuing Jesus loosed the weight of their choices. I saw the idea of pursuing Jesus and His Word become something that was attainable because it was about relying on the strength of Jesus instead of trying to walk it alone. And it was beautiful.

I never imagined a day of shopping would create an opportunity to share about Jesus. I didn’t go into the day thinking about what I was going to say, but I listened to the prompting of the Spirit when He opened a door to share the hope of Jesus. And when it opened I didn’t try to fix it, or give them some man made steps, but I offered them most precious thing I could. I offered them Jesus.

Want to know how to offer Jesus to someone? Jump into the ministry of Transform Student Ministry. Apply to Boot Camp or the Summer Internship. Find a Precept Bible Study and learn how to study the Bible for yourself. 


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I have only 1 thing to say “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the POWER OF GOD FOR SALVATION to the Jew first and also the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, ‘But the righteous man shall live by faith’.” “I will build my church.”

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